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Updated: 31 Mar 2013
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Jenny  2021.10.18
Hello everyone Visit... https://www.ridofdepression.com/
Lucas8408  2021.08.6
Hi all anyone from Suffolk area??
Pixietinkerbell  2020.11.23
Noc  2019.03.24
simon 5 2018.10.3
Hi all try ukchatter.co.uk
Ancoient1  2018.01.22
Question Was'nt That Freekin Hard
Jim  2018.01.22
HI PPL.. Anyone see this ??
purpleheather  2017.07.25
Hi everyone xx
Honey  2017.04.29
mustbeme  2015.08.14
moonflowerblue  2015.01.19
Trying trying I'm very trying to get into the room
Dan123  2014.09.16
Hi all
ladyjane  2014.06.21
hi every1
jan  2013.10.29
hi all
botty burp 5 2013.07.13
looks like its back to the fridge and tv for you lot
fireblade69  2013.06.27
hi all i have to say i am very disappointed by some of the comments i have read. i for one made some mates who i had fun chatting to with no playground politics which i found refreshing. those of you who have said that we are lazy,fat or jobless are very wrong and i do wounder how they know anything unless they were signed on to the site?!!! yes some odd balls ect but hay that is life lets live it ;-) chatterbox please come back xx
saphirebutterfly  2013.06.27
bringback ukcb i miss it ,i bet a lot of people do to
danny1385  2013.05.18
hi everyone
jimmy1952 5 2013.04.29
yep i know but where has all them folks gone .. i was in the 50s room alot and god knows where they have gone ?? any ideas
clare 1 2013.04.26
dont use this site because omg i have been on this site and all i get is hassle and grief and i only joined because the last chat site has been shut down beware i dont know whats happened
jimmy1952 5 2013.04.17
well whats happening ???
Mackemlady 5 2013.03.31
UKCB will be back but for now use ukchattbox.