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Free chat rooms. UK chat site with free chat rooms, forums and profiles. Online chatrooms include England chat, Scotland chat, Ireland chat and Wales chat. This British community chat site offers instant quick chat and forums for people from the United K
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Updated: 14 May 2011
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Pixietinkerbell  2020.11.23
Hi this has changed
CrimsonDespair 1 2020.11.11
Y'all ***g ruined it you dumb ***. Site/irc was fine as it was, and your bullshit about bandwidth is exactly that. You got ***g lazy and bored so go *** yourself. And all these "revived" versions are *** too. Look what you did, after years of loyalty, people lost connections. You ruined friendships, relationships, all forged over years. Retards.
bunny 5 2018.10.19
it's back
purpleluckyheather68  2017.07.25
Miss chatterbox had great fun with all the chatters
meme  2017.05.13
{a}head the bell : it went down because i wanted it down ! end of
lancelot  2017.04.14
The UKs biggest mistake is allying too closely with the US. When the sh*t hits the fan, they'll get spattered too!
ddaybrother96g6j  2017.03.24
Is it true that there are now many, many Muslin Sharia law courts allowed in Britain?
goodymommy  2017.01.16
I will always miss it ,nothing could could ever replace it !
head the ball 5 2016.10.26
I heard some nut job with no mates in the real world and a personality disorder to boot,hacked into the site out of jealousy and mental problems. It was a laugh in the forums,some proper messed up people there,and some diamonds too. Talking about messed up people,I wonder what ever happened to that fat Aussie bird,with the blag pics who had about 30 odd fella's on the go ? Wondering if she was institutionalised like haha :)
honeymonstersthedaddy 5 2016.03.4
It has to be said there was a few fruit loops on there.... And it's so nice to see most of them here. In its hay day UKCB was an institution, I I'd have chose it's name I'd have called it the probation service... Or HMP Pentonville.... Or even Rampton. Pity it's gone though, truly, now the crazy b######s are all free
DD  2015.01.30
Is chatterbox till going??
katterpult 5 2015.01.14 (send the word it UKCB's rebirth
frappinkong  2014.12.29
aye who gives a daft frag bout you sugar lilies anyway
kittenwith clawss  2014.11.15
when is site coming back
stevie1978  2014.10.8
If the comment is from the real blaster its nice of him to inform the staff he had working for free to earn him money that it wasnt coming back instead of having us all waiting for 2 years.
dr_death666  2014.10.8
there is a new ukcb open the address is we have the rooms just need the old regs bk so if you want ukcb back this is the site for you
goodymommy  2014.10.4
COME BACK PLEASE ! lifes not the same with out you .
dadshardcock  2014.08.10
any family incest ***ing ?
trillian42  2014.08.10
so far,,,thus sute sucks,,,where are the rooms??
hayley 5 2014.07.25
Night riderer 100  2014.07.13
me to Gill dont know whats happened on this site ????
gill 5 2014.07.3
what the helhas happened to chatterbox uk ?? does anyone know of any other local rooms thanks
snowy  2014.07.3
mrhypnotise same here on spiritual front and talking to people from the heart :) i miss ukcb
goodymommy 5 2014.06.24
I to met my true love on uk chatterbox and i will forever be grateful ! i miss the original uk chatterbox so much . please bring it back in the same format PLEASE !!
happybunny777  2014.05.25
I also met a fantastic girl on ukchatterbox-i will be forever grateful for this site.I would love it to return in it's original format but sadly it seems this won't happen
dhab youssef  2014.04.28
meet my first love on there shame
tristan73 4 2014.04.20
Had some cracking night out over the years and met some decent (and weird) people.. shame it's not around, was fun popping in. Hello to all the regulars form the Chester room and the 30s.. o those arguments and those ladies :)
madoc  2014.04.19
i use to like the forums, I miss red leaf and a few others, she used to let me know when the gaa matches were on!. was very fond of her.
Honeymonstersthedaddy 5 2014.04.18
I met my husband on there too, I never asked who he was married to though.
pd33  2014.04.14
I met my now husband on ukchatterbox sorry its gone without it we wudnt be together and have our baby x
Tay77 5 2014.04.13
I met my partner on this site, we were friends first for roughly 6 months before anything developed between us. I'm grateful to UKCB for that. Without this site I would never of met her.
diogenes09  2014.03.24
ukcb was good in its hay day but it just went down the swanny, its a pity because there was some great characters
Ladygenie  2014.01.5
There are many of us who will never forget UKCB, regardless of the derogatory comments made here UKCB provided an outlet for many but most of all people who were disabled and main carers. Something some people should take into consideration before gloating about UKCB's demise. I made some good friends at UKCB and still have contact with them, so I'm grateful to UKCB for that.
BLASTER  2014.01.4
It was hacked and is not coming back. The site did not pay taxes or wages but made financial gain, this has caused legal issues with copyright on the java code and such like. IT WILL NOT BE BACK.
sandra  2014.01.2
when is chatterbox chatroom coming back it saying its not gone for good
anon  2013.12.28
ukchatterbox was full of backstabbing c*nts, especially that dundee room, did meet a few people who were olay to begin with, but they too were backstabbers!, think i only now keep in contact with 1 person from dundee room, hope it never comes back, and people actually get off their fat *** and get out more and also look after their kids..
goldenoldiefem  2013.11.25
am confused with the ukchatterbox sites who is who and genuine one??
limamox 5 2013.11.19
otacon  2013.11.12
The forums were great. I wasn't there for long before the site vanished into thin air but I enjoyed the forums. And CathyB. I remember sonya87 in a better light than you do. Bring back UKCB's Forums. I couldn't give a toss about the chatrooms.
dazzastyle  2013.09.8
any IRC users on freenode join #Glasgowbanter
Honeymonstersthedaddy 5 2013.09.2
Have you seen the price of beans in Tesco's
Fluke  2013.08.29
Hi Cathy .
\RIZON  2013.08.6
\RIZON aka Odolumare aka Gurrukingstarr It was hacked and recives constant dos attacks because the admin did not listen, End of. it was good, but had potential dangers. Bobby Amalani, he sux :]
Molly 4 2013.08.6
Hi Josie,We're really not qileifuad to answer that question. While the shake mix is relatively low-sugar and should impact blood sugar minimally when combined with fat-free milk (or 40 calorie almond milk), the best thing for you to do is to ask your doctor first before trying it, just to be safe.
saphirebutterfly  2013.06.27
hi everyone,i for one had a great time on ukcb,yes there was a lot of nasty people but the good people on the site out shone all the nasty ones .i do hope it does return as it made a lot of people happy ,and people made a lot of freinds through it .
cathyb_  2013.06.6
It did get rather dysfunctional on there. There was some right sad cases on there like (racist) Kelly she was a horrible lowlife and sonya87 was a nasty person. Anyone remember Fluke on the forums? he was a bit of an oddball. It would be nice if the owner could give a more detailed explanation on why it closed down. {a} Lady Genie- poppy isnt the owner of the site she was just a moderator love.
Bumpsie  2013.06.4
I'm delighted that the dreadful site has closed and I wish everyone connected to the organisation of wholesale bad cess.
Cuggles66 5 2013.06.2
ukchatters - The new site everyone, set in the same way with a couple of little changes. R.I.P Chatterbox but not forgotten and it still lives in another name - enjoy all and see all my old chat bugs in cafe.
cathyb_  2013.06.2
Its definitely not coming back :( Move on...nothing to see x x x
fly 5 2013.05.30
hope it stays of. mayb u fat women will lose few stone. and look after ur kids better
Ladygenie 5 2013.05.19
Why didn't the *ukcb admin/owner* put his/her name by his post?? Some of you will know Poppy one of the ukcb admin and the real owner Blaster was in touch with her 3/4 weeks ago letting her know that they are still working on ukcb but it's taking time as they want the site more secure also Blaster does have a life outside of ukcb like work for instance. All these sites that have been set up claiming to be new ukcb's are fakes, any Blasters on their staff are not the real Blaster and if ukcb was not coming back Poppy and other admin staff would be the first to know. Btw *ukcb admin/owner* I notice that Thomas Dolan aka Lets Rock aka Tommy was quick to copy and paste your post on isitdownrightnow??? Not surprised tbh as he doesn't want ukcb to come back, but until Poppy tells me that ukcb has closed for good I don't believe your post whatsoever! Ladygenie.
loonatic  2013.05.12
such a shame chhaterbox has gone met some ggod people through it and had a good laugh with some as well, hope it does come back
original_aussieguy  2013.05.2
totally gay!!!
original_aussieguy  2013.05.2
totally gay!!!
chocolateeclare 5 2013.04.24
do u know what we moan n slag off that we re not workin n bored or married or what ever ppl say but do u know wht ukchatterbox was a gd site that we could chat moan n talk about our problems and i wish it was bc on i met some really gd ppl off there and i wish it was bc on why isnt it i like me old site bc and the ppl tht r in it xxxx
UKCB ADMIN owner 5 2013.04.19
The site has closed down for a number of reasons; which at this stage I cannot comment on. There are no plans for the foreseeable future to brng UKCB back online; unfortunately this will mean that the current status remains. Due to the rising cost of bandwidth and server costs it is also no longer practical to continue to provide a free service, and as a result small charges will apply if the chat service is restored. There are, as previously mentioned, other reasons that the service has been suspended, and as soon as I am in a position to reveal this information; I will let you all know. Thank you to everyone over the years that used and supported this service.
paulnorth  2013.04.17
yer i miss chatterbox had some great chats there
jimmy1952  2013.04.17
well im still alive for those who know me ?
josie  2013.04.10
what about maggy thatcher  2013.04.7
Free UK chat site with chat rooms. UKChatterbox , KissChat & Lycos Chat alternative, no sign-up needed! Our Free UK Chat Rooms include England, ..
YIDIOH  2013.04.5
Hello !? Anyone there lol
showgirl2oo8 5 2013.03.27
omg car believe it loved this web hurry back
jcass  2013.03.23
i cant find it at all been away for a few mths, how do i find my online chats
southernlight  2013.03.21
I miss the Forums on the new site. They were fun as well as informative.
barny_babe  2013.03.20
omg its closed down, when did this happen
elaine 5 2013.03.14
is chatterbox ever coming back , i miss the people i got to know
midget1976 4 2013.03.11
Can anyone tell me if chatterbox uk is comin back
stangetz  2013.03.10
The old UK Chatterbox was fun to use now and again.There does not seem to be any real alternative as far as I can make out.
Vickz  2013.02.24
I have a life and a job and study but still miss the banter from the guildford room if and when ppl woke up in there lol :( ur is sad :(
ian duncan-smith 5 2013.02.17
now people need to get a REAL life, quickly followed by a JOB - no more idle time on benefits in chat rooms ! GLAD IT HAS BEEN CLOSED DOWN.
muse  2013.02.13
I agree it is the best chat site! :) and i miss the banter and the jokers :P .. how very dare they! if i say i will not become addicted to chat again and use it in moderation ya think they will believe me and bring it back online?? ;P
boosh  2013.02.13
missin my mates, am on msn a lot now but no=one has my addy...its booosh2007{a}
bulger  2013.02.11
The best Chat on the circuit and disapears into the freakin twilight zone! This is a case of if it isnt broke dont mend it. I want my chatterbox back excacly as yu found it, dont tweak it dont polish it and certainly dont give me me a bran new easier format! I want my old one back stop messing about with this huge sucsess yu have on yur ands.
uk charlie bear 5 2013.02.11
Is it gone for good :(:(:(
xxwhite_dovedxx  2013.02.11
OH MY GOD!!! what has happened?? I have been offline since Sept and I am back to a "broke down " chatterbox?? good thing i'm not addicted otherwise i would be fit to be tied :P Miss that ol'broke down box :(
subo 5 2013.02.7
if it dosnt come back i mite try and get my kids back i put them in care so i cud spend all my time on uk chat
r grierson  2013.02.2
its about time you said something posative instead of the usual drivel sort yourselves out put up or shut up
lippylass  2013.01.25
can we please get some info from the site on when it will be up and running again ? Its been saying "soon" since October :(