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RaveDance A Radio Station From London UK Online Radio Free Internet Radio

Description:A Radio Station Live From London UK Different To Other Internet Radio Stations With Live Studio Cam And Chat Room Online Radio Number 1 Radio Station.
Tags:stations, rave, online, on, radio, station, internet, radios
Updated: 21 Feb 2012
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Dina 4 2012.03.3
Hey Bobby, good for you!!! You are making a come back... I know tnghis have been very tough on you during the past 10 years and its great that you finally fixed alot of horrible tnghis that have gone on through your career and well after that... I have always believed in you and far be it for me to ever judge you... People make mistakes, the only problem with being famous now a days, is that if you are very well known, nothing is kept private anymore... The fact that its all these years later and people still remember your name and its still used in households, is a good thing... Alot of people never 4got you... I loved your music growing up, I have been a singer myself for quite sometime now and I loved your music... I have always wanted to record with you... Just been a big fan for years... The thing is this Bobby, people can talk smack all they want, the station believed in you and I believe in you, just like many other fans you have out there... DOnt ever give up hope and fullfill your dreams and don't ever think that noone cares about you... Ignore the idiots who have spoken badly about you... THats exactly what they are idiots... None of them have anything intelligent to say... God Bless you Bobby...Love your fan foreverLove Aurora