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Nepal Guide Info

Updated: 23 Feb 2012
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18 Comments Add a new comment 5  2018.05.12
Nepal Planet treks and expedition 5  2018.01.15
Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition 5  2017.01.5
Nepal Guide Info Team Organized pre-packaged village tours which are grouped as easy, difficult and strenuous which lets the client to decide their type. We will also prepare customized and trailer hiking trips on request of clients. We have favorable hiking trips for all types of celebrations like picnic, short holiday, one day or half day tour, vacation, overnight stay at hill station etc. The Nepal village tour is a new concept of tourism where tourists live with the locale people in one of the traditional village of Nepal. The village tour package is designed carefully looking over the condition of village and co-operation of the locale people. The village is first organized for tourists like decorating the village in traditional way and keeping the village clean and well sanitized. The tourists are welcomed by locale group of people with garland and tika showing the local hospitality. The tourists are boarded in their houses and invited to cultural show in the evening. The locale show their cultural dance and other specialty to tourists. The tourists go for sightseeing during their stay and return to same village. The villagers show warm hospitality and help them have locale food and enjoy local dishes. The tourists should be satisfied with hospitality when they are leaving. The village tours are successfully conducted in - See more at:
Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition 5  2016.06.30
Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition 5  2016.06.29
Mera Peak (6654m) Mera Peak is one of the well-known and the uppermost trekking peaks in Nepal. It rises from the south of Everest and leads the turning tip between the natural and profoundly woody valleys of the Hongu Drangkas as well as Hinku. It is a straightforward snow ascends on the way to beautiful Mera Peak but at times big cracks on the way hurdles. As we go up to Mera Peak keeps ascend up to High Base Camp set at 5385m and higher one at 5800m. Nepal Planet Treks & Expedition GPO 4453, Pakanajol, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: +977-1- 4252196 Hotline: +977-9841278579 (NJ) & 9841613822 (Sanjib) Email: info{a}
Trekking in Nepal Everest   2014.08.13
Climb to Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal Take on the adventure of a lifetime trekking in Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp Trek 5,362m. First conquered by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 climbing a M.t Everest, Everest has traditionally been the ultimate goal for mountaineers and Trekkers. Today hard core trekkers seek the challenge of reaching the mountaineer's Base Camp of Everest. Flying in to Lukla 2,880m, explore the mountains and valleys around the towering peak, rest in Nepalese teahouses, learn about the traditions and cultures of the famous Sherpa and spend time in exotic Kathmandu. What you sew During a Everest base camp trek? • Stay in Local and Sherpa teahouses a • Learn about Sherpa culture • Take a flight over Nepal's mountain peaks more than 500 hundred • Admire spectacular Himalayan vistas • Explore colorful Kathmandu valley • Experience the exhilaration of reaching Everest Base Camp trek • Discover remote monasteries http://ne http:// Nepal Planet Treks (Pvt. Ltd.) Post Box: 4453 Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Mobile: +977-9841613822 Email-:sanjib-adhikari{a}
Annapurna12 5  2014.06.23 1)Experience and helpful guide” I met Sanjib during my last year hiking trip to Annapurna Base Camp. He was my guide for 12 days; he was very knowledgeable and organized. Our trip was affected by the bad weather but we managed to enjoy ourselves out of the bad condition. He has now working independent; I will definitely recommend him as he knows the inside out of the trek in Nepal as a guide, a porter or an organize Email-:sanjib-adhikari{a}
Annapurna base camp trek 5  2014.05.23
I have recently completed the Everest base camp trek and can say that the best advice I can give is get a guide. The best guide I found was a gentleman called Sanjib Adhikari he is Independent trekking guide in Nepal. The link to their site is Email-sanjib-adhikari{a} The main thing is he is a family man and very trust worthy I still keep in touch with him now if you are doing this trek get a guide he will definitely get you through check points with no worries, give you all the history on the route, take pictures of you, tell you about all the other landmarks and mountains on the way, he’ll keep an eye on you for altitude sickness and have emergency contact for helicopter etc, and most of all know the best route for you. Sanjib really is a great guy and I totally trusted him with myself and my belongings the whole trip, Sanjb give the reasonable price but also the best service! I checked! Trek safe Sandra and Mark chose Mr Sanjib for my Everest Base Camp trip because He is Independent trekking guide I was found him in internet he have many recommendations in Trip advisor and lonely planet, also I read some great reviews previously posted here on Independent trekking guide Mr. Sanjib coordinated the entire trip for me and he was very helpful with everything. He was really helped me to get some trekking gear from the start in Kathmandu, and was very helpful throughout the entire trek. I couldn't have made to EBC without him! It was also a small group, just me and my guide which was great since I can trek at my own pace. I had a fantastic time in the Himalayas and thanks to Sanjib that made it special and memorable. I am definitely using the same Guide again when I go back to Nepal for another trek and would highly recommend Sanjib to all my family and friends.. Hiking to Everest base camp is a once in a lifetime experience. I hiked with my cousin Madison in 2010, we had a suggestion from a friend who had did it with Sanjib Independent trekking guide, so we trusted this opinion. (We originally were going to just do it on our own to save money). It was more than anything we could ever believe, the trek itself was incredible and Sanjib with his knowledge and expertise made the adventure even better. Sanjib went out of his way to to teach us about every aspect of the trek and made it much more enjoyable than we could have imagined on our own. The price is unbeatable and unexplainable until you do the trek with Sanjib to experience how awesome he is. This guy knows everyone in the villages along the trek and is a very well respected man. I hope to come back some day with family to Nepal and will definitely meet up with Sanjib for tea and hopefully to trek again. First class luxury treks, view Everest in the comforts of the best accommodation in the valley.,Mt. Everest Base Camp Luxury treks with Nepal guide info ,Everest luxury lodge 12 day trek - Khumbu valley, Luxury Lodge Trek to vie
Everest base camp Trekking 5  2013.07.21
Trekking In Nepal Nepal has aptly been called ‘A Trekkers Paradise’ as her terrain mountain, hills and the Terai (flat land) offer some of the most spectacular trekking routes in the world. The trail into the interior parts of the country follows ancient foot trails, which meander through scenic riverbanks, intractably terraced fields and forested ridges connecting picturesque hamlets and mountain villages. We offer a number of different styles of trekking trip such as classic, challenging, luxury, and family, each of which may involve camping, staying in tea-houses or a combination of both. You will be led by our experienced guides and accompanied by friendly Sherpas to the world's mightest mountains through the spellbinding valleys, rhododendron forests and holy lakes of the Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and off-the-beaten-track regions. Whether you are looking for a wilderness experience or a classic trek, Nepal has everything to offer. Regardless of where you go, you will encounter a great diversity of geography, climate and ethnicity. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the great highlight of trekking in this country is the interactions you will have with the local people in the villages and their wonderfully diverse cultures, practices and traditions. When to go The best time to trek is from October to May. The first two months of the dry season (October and November) is the ideal period for trekking in Nepal. The air is freshly washed by the monsoon rains, the mountain scenery is superb and the weather is still comfortably warm. December, January and February are still good months for trekking but the cold can be bitter at high altitudes. March and May also offer better weather when trekkers can see superb wild flowers, particularly in Nepal's wonderful rhododendron forests. During the monsoon season (June-August) trekking is possible in the rain-shadow areas of north of the Himalaya like upper Mustang and upper Dolpo. These regions are out of reach of the rain clouds because of the high mountains and are unaffected by the monsoon. Duration of the Trek A trekking trip can be of any length you choose. Popular short treks are available around the Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys, which only take one, two or three days to complete while longer treks lasting from a week to a month. It is even possible to combine a series of popular treks together and peak climbing for months on end. Types of Trek 1) Tea House Trek: On the more popular treks in Nepal, enterprising villagers have built teahouse lodges. They are readily available in the Everest, Langtang and the entire Annapurna regions. The country offers a selection a teahouse treks run to a high level of service. 2) Full boarded camping Trek: This trek is assisted by a full Sherpa crew including a Sirdar (headman), cook and other helpers. Porters, Yaks, horses or mules are used for carrying luggage. It is the Sherpa's responsibility to perform all the Camp works, includi
Trekking Guide in Nepal, Best Guide in Nepal, Ind 5  2013.01.13
Namaste und viele Grüße aus dem Himalayaland Nepal ! Mein Name ist Sanjib Adhikari. Ich bin ein selbständiger Treckingführer und Reiseleiter und möchte mich Ihnen gern vorstellen. Ich bin in einem felsigen und entlegenen Bezirk des Zentralen Himalayagebietes geboren und aufgewachsen. Ich begann meinen Beruf im Abenteuertourismus als ich sehr jung war und nachdem ich meine High-School beendet hatte. Ich arbeitete 8 Jahre für verschiedene Treckingagenturen zuerst als Träger (Porter), dann als Assistent für den Treckingführer und jetzt arbeite ich als unabhängiger Treckingführer. Ich habe bereits eine Lizenz als Treckingführer vom Ministerium für Tourismus der Nepalesischen Regierung erworben. Ich habe viele Gruppen aus Europa, den USA, Kanada und Australien durch die nepalesischen Regionen des Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Manaslu, Ganesch Himalaya, Helambu und durch die tibetischen Gebiete des Mt. Kailash und Lhasa sowie durch die Regionen Ladakh und Sikkim in Indien geführt. Bei den von mir organisierten Treckingtouren habe ich viele verschiedene Erfahrungen gemacht und mir ein großes Wissen über Geografie, Religion, Kultur, Flora und Fauna und Umweltbelange in diesen Gebieten erworben. Meine Erfahrungen aus den vielen Treckingtouren haben mich zu einem Experten für Organisation von einzigartigen Treckingzielen entsprechend den Vorstellungen, Interessen und dem Budget meiner Klienten gemacht. Für diejenigen internationalen Trecker, die hohe Pässe und Berge besteigen möchten, kann ich auch dieses anspruchsvolle und lohnende Abenteuer organisieren. Meine eigenen Erfahrungen im Abenteuertourismus umfassen die Besteigung des Mera und Island Gipfel, des Kalapathar und Gokyo Gipfel, sowie des Tseryo li Berges. Es sind viele verschiedene Arten von Trecks in Nepal möglich, angefangen vom einfachen und erholsamen Treck, auf dem man die nepalesische Kultur und das Leben auf den Dörfern kennen lernen kann mit Übernachtungen in örtlichen Lodges ( Teehäusern) in bekannten Regionen bis hin zu entlegenen und eingeschränkten Gebieten mit abgelegenen Wegen und seltenen Besuchen von Ausländern. Auf allen Trecks erlebt man spektakuläre Szenen und macht gute Erfahrungen mit der nepalesischen Kultur. Wenn jemand einen persönlich zugeschnittenen Treck wünscht, kann ich diesen Anforderungen gerecht werden. Von Zeit zu Zeit frische ich meine Fähigkeiten und mein Wissen auf, indem ich an Kursen zur Sicherheit, Ersten Hilfe, Rettungsmaßnahmen, Hygiene und Kochen teilnehme. Ich spreche fließend Englisch und Chinesisch. Meine Klienten waren sehr zufrieden mit meinem professionellen Service und wenn sie möchten, können sie gern ihre Kommentare auf meiner Webseite lesen. Bitte nehmen sie Kontakt mit mir über meine angegebenen E-mail Adressen auf, wenn sie irgendwelche Fragen haben oder mögliche Trecks in Nepal mit mir besprechen möchten. www.nepaltreckingguide.jimdo
Desmond 5  2012.12.15
That's way more clever than I was expecntig. Thanks!
Auth 5  2012.12.13
Злото не съществува абстрактно. Когато се сблъскаме с грях, ние се сблъскваме с конкретен човек и трябва да се справяме с този човек. Философията на ситуационната етика отделя греха от човека и го поставя в средата, което е именно тезата на Сатана в Едем. Тъй като в крайна сметка Бог е нашата среда, това означава, че всеки, който търси злото в средата, е по същество във война против Бога.Въпросът, които коментиращите поставят е от особена важност – проблемът се състои в драматичното неразбиране на Библейската истина /очевидното изключение е Божидар Маринов/. Философите на ситуационната етика прикриват основния проблем чрез сантиментални призиви. Едно общоприето твърдение е, че трябва да „обичаме грешника и да мразим греха.” Според Писанието това е невъзможно. Грехът не съществува извън човека; той не съществува като абстракция. Няма убийство където няма убийци, няма прелюбодейство където няма прелюбодейци и пр. Убийството и прелюбодейството съществуват като нарушения на Закона от хора. Като се отделя грехът от грешника, осъждението се отделя от действителността, от човека, и се поставя върху случайността. Човекът обича да се оправдава и да незачита вината си. Адам каза на Бога, „Жената, която си ми дал за другарка, тя ми даде от дървото, та ядох” (Бит. 3:12). Така Адам обвини Бога, че беше създал възможността за грях. Философът на ситуационната етика е винаги във война против Бога.На Ваня трябва да напиша, че няма човек, който да избяга от религията – това е nonsense. Човек е неизбежно религиозен, въпросът е каква е религията му: Християнство, атеизъм, демокрация, мюцюлманство, будизам . . . могат да се изброят много, но по лесно е
Everest base camp Guides 5  2012.10.7
Trekking Guide and tour operator in Nepal, Rayan from Germany recommends Sanjib Adhikari In August 2012, Sanjib was I met for the first time. Although I have extensive experience in wilderness and adventure travel around the world, this was my first time to trek in Nepal. The primary reason for wanting to travel with a guide was the companionship that I desired to have while trekking the Upper mustang trek. I was not disappointed. Sanjib has an excellent command of English and a good sense of humor. We were constant companions; yet he was sensitive to my desires to be alone at various times each day. He is flexible and patient. He was always mindful of my safety as well as his own – anticipating and warning of potential hazards such as a slick stone or low doorway. We passed many an hour talking about Nepali culture, politics, economics, religion, and family life. He never tired of my questions and fast answer. He conducted himself in a most professional manner at all times and made sure my needs were met. I quickly grew to trust Sanjib as a friend. Near the end of our trek, Sanjib suggested we travel to the mountain village he grew up in between Pokhara and Katmandu north way to Manslu trek and Ganesh Himal. , he was a highlight of my month in Nepal. His parents graciously received me as a guest in their humble home. He is number one on my list of preferred guides to trek with. Sanjib,s email address is: sanjib-dhikari{a} and web:
Trekking Guide in Nepal, Best Guide in Nepal, Ind 5  2012.10.6
I am writing to highly recommend Sanjib Adhikari, He is licensed holder trekking guide in Nepal so anyone reading this guide and porter recommending site . He had been a guide for more than 12 years and has vast knowledge of all the trekking trails of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Sanjib was recommended to me by a friend who used him 2 times. He is a fantastic guide. I term him an "all-in -one" package guide. I did the Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna base camp and sanjib planned a perfect itinerary for me according to my budget and pace. He is so well versed with the trekking trails of Nepal and I just needed to tell him my interest. I was more than satisfied with what I got!!! He took me to all the interesting and amazing sites as we trekked along. Knowledgeable with the history of Nepal's trekking trails, he was able to explain to the tiniest detail. He is very honest, caring, conscientious and a humorous guide in Nepal. The midst of your exhaustion as you trek along, he provides some medication for laughter that keeps you going on and on and on. He ensures that you eat well and drink plenty of water daily. He would help carry your bag pack when he notices you struggling uphill. He is a fit guide. His encouragement and humorous character will boost you and increase your energy level. So for those of you who are planning a visit to Nepal for trekking or leisure trip I highly recommend you Sanjib adhikari. It’s a guarantee that you will have no regrets at all. Huh! I would like to mention that he is also a handy man who can help repair your bag pack if the zipper gives ways Sanjib can be contacted via...Mobile Phone 977 9841613822 ,Email:- sanjib-adhikari{a} and website
Trekking In Nepal 5  2012.07.29
Nepal Guide Info and warm Greetings from Himalayan Country Nepal!! My name is Sanjib Adhikari. As an independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal, ... Testomonial - Nepal Guide Info trekking was very nice, the weather was beautiful, the days were long but we had seen lots of beautiful Himalayas. We liked the views from Gokyo and the ... Gokyo Chola Pass Trek - Nepal Guide Info To Nepal For Trekking In Everest, Annapurna and Langtang... Gokyo Chola Pass Trek. The trek to Gokyo offers a good alternative to the traditional trek ... Everest Base Camp - Nepal Guide Info To Nepal For Trekking In Everest, Annapurna and Langtang... Everest Base Camp. Trekking to the Everest Base Camp in one of the most popular treks ... 06 days Ghorepani Poonhill Trek - Nepal Guide Info Poonhill Trek This trekking is designed up to Poon Hill which lies into the foothill of the Annapurna massif.Poon Hill is located just 400m above ... Jomsom To Dolpo Trek - Nepal Guide Info dolpo trek ... The entrance to Dolpo lies beyond the Jangla Bhanjyang Pass, (4500m). ... Day 04: Fly to Jomsom (2713m) & trek to Daker Dzong. 2950m ... Arun Valley - Nepal Guide Info Makalu–Arun Valley region is blessed with an incredible diversity of natural beauty and culture. Arun valley trek begins between two highest mountains- Mt. Dhaulagiri - Nepal Guide Info is extended and strenuous trek to the foot of Mt. Dhaulagiri through high alpine pastures, higher passes and serene and uninhabited valleys. From Beni we ... Ganesh Himal - Nepal Guide Info Himal Trek Lying just west of Langtang National Park it is a non tourist area trek recommended for experiencing and exploring Tamang culture, ... Jumla Rara Trek - Nepal Guide Info 02 : Fly Nepalgunj to Jumla and trek to Chere (2990 m) Day 03 : Trek to Bhulbhule 17,3 km (3130 m) Day 04 : Trek to Rara Lake 19,6 km (2980 Email-sanjib-adhikari{a}
Trekking Recommendations In Nepal   2012.07.9
Nepal Guide Info – a blend of ancient history, vibrant cultures and scenic grandeur, is located between China and India. It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, dream world of ... Langtang Gosaikunda Trek - Nepal Guide Info Langtang-Gosainkunda region is a collection of Sherpa Valleys north of Kathmandu, close to the Tibetan border. The rough road now reaches as far as ... Gokyo Chola Pass Trek - Nepal Guide Info Chola Pass Trek. The trek to Gokyo offers a good alternative to the traditional trek to Everest Base Camp. From Gokyo four 8000m peaks (Cho Oyu, ... Bhutan - Nepal Guide Info at 2285 m above sea level, it is the capital of Bhutan. Just over 30 years old, this tiny Himalayan city was built by the late king Jigme Dorje Wangchuk to ... Click Here(Cultural Trek) - Nepal Guide Info package offers a real escape from the hustle and commotion of the heavily trafficked classical trekking routs. With the visit of regular World Heritage sites in ... Kanchanjunga - Nepal Guide Info trek, one of the most beautiful treks in the world, begins at an area full of adventurous and remote as compared to other normal trekking routes in ... Testomonial - Nepal Guide Info trekking was very nice, the weather was beautiful, the days were long but we had seen lots of beautiful Himalayas. We liked the views from Gokyo and the ... 11 days Jomsom Muktinath Trek - Nepal Guide Info Muktinath Trek. Fly deep into the Annapurna Himal for an incredible close-up view of the Himalaya Short treks along the Kali Gandaki reveal the life of ... Lower Dolpo - Nepal Guide Info Dolpo Trek. This trek is perhaps the most popular in the western Nepal. The area offers opportunities to visit ancient villages, high passes, beautiful lakes, ... Panchase Trek - Nepal Guide Info Trek. One of the best short camping trips around Pokhara valley. Panchase is the highest hill in the Annapurna region and lies on the south-west side ...Manaslu Trek - Nepal Guide Info strenuous trek cir@#$navigates the world's eighth highest peak, Manaslu (8163 m) range and is officially opened to trekkers in 1991. Though it is a ... Jungle Safari - Nepal Guide Info safari in Nepal is one of the extraordinary experiences and opportunities to explore a variety of flora and fauna, the life styles and colorful tradition of the ... White water rafting - Nepal Guide Info
Trekking Recommendations In Nepal 5  2012.07.9
Nepal Guide Info and warm Greetings from Himalayan Country Nepal!! My name is Sanjib Adhikari. As an independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal, ... Nepal Guide Info is the nine-storied palace structure built around 1770 A.D. This palace square was residence to Nepal's royal family before the construction of the Narayanhiti ... Jomsom To Dolpo Trek - Nepal Guide Info trek begins in the north-west of the country which is the most desolateand few developed region. The highlight of the trek is the Shey Phoksundo National ... Adventure Activities - Nepal Guide Info Activities. Nepal offers a year round calendar of adventure sports activities and events, ranging from bungee jumping, Ultra light Aircraft, Paragliding, ... wilderness treks - Nepal Guide Info name is Sanjib Adhikari. As an independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal, I would like to introduce myself to you. I was born and grown up in the ... Mt. Kailash / Manasarovar Tour - Nepal Guide Info Kailash lies in the southwestern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. At 6714 m Mt. Kailash is the highest peak in the Kailash Range of the ... wilderness treks - Nepal Guide Info In Nepal. Nepal has aptly been called 'A Trekkers Paradise' as her terrain mountain, hills and the Terai (flat land) offer some of the most spectacular ... Dhaulagiri - Nepal Guide Info Base Camp Trek. This is extended and strenuous trek to the foot of Mt. Dhaulagiri through high alpine pastures, higher passes and serene and ... Ghandruk Panoramic Trek - Nepal Guide Info Cultural Trek. It is perhaps the best introductory trek for travellers looking for easy trekking in Nepal while staying at comfortable family-run lodges at ... Tibet - Nepal Guide Info, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, is located on the north bank of Lhasa River, a sub branch of Yarlung Tsangpu River. Standing at 3648m above sea ...
Trekking Recommendations In Nepal 5  2012.05.23
There is no substitute for personalized attention. I traveled to Nepal to visit Everest Base Camp. I traveled alone and had certain trepidation about traveling on my own, but I also knew I wanted to escape the pressures of trekking in a large group. Altitude and safety are paramount on mountain treks and I did not want to end-up hyperventilating trying to keep-up with faster, fitter, trekkers. Even though, I have altitude experience, I relied heavily on my guide's advice regarding what to eat, pace, and hydration. I have climbed and summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro, so I was confident I could complete this trek, but nothing can prepare you for the terrain of the Hymalayas. it is truly a humbling experience. Mr. Adhikari came highly recommended by other trekkers, who were only too willing to write positive and detailed letters of recommendation. I found that all their recommendations were more than true. Mr. Adhikari has been to Everest Base Camp more than 50 plus times, as a woman traveling alone, I found his level of professionalism refreshing. I cannot count the times, Mr. Adhikari truly saved me from my inexperienced trekking self. Anything from ensuring I would. not be run over by a Yak, horse, or donkey to keeping me focused on the difficult terrain, and somehow ensuring I stopped long enough to enjoy the scenery (in spite of my exhaustion). I shudder to think what my trek would have been like if I'd been just another trekker in a large group. I have to comment that I have never been so healthy-stomach wise at altitude. Mr. Adhikari explains that when organizing for larger groups, he makes provisions for trekkers like me who tend to walk at a slower pace. I thought for sure that, this time, my ambition had superseded my ability, but thanks to Mr. Adhikari, my long time dream of seeing Everest Base Camp first hand came true. I was able to spend time in the rarified air and observe camp life, took plenty of pictures, and asked Mr. Adhikari numerous questions about his experiences around the area. I was very aware of the economic implications of traveling with a Nepali Operator vs. a foreign trekking company. I wanted my trip not to only be a self-serving adventure, but numerous travel books suggest that traveling with a Nepali Operator does ensure more of the money goes and stays into the Nepali economy. I was unsure how the whole experience would unfold, but I am staying here and going to Annapurna Base Camp with the same operator. Mr. adhikari seems to be grounded on the mountain community ad well as in Kathmandu. It was reassuring to see he has good and long standing relationships with other guides and the mountain community. Visited April 2012. email-:sanjib-adhikari{a}