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Description: Information on the uses of homeopathy, Bach flower remedies.
Tags: shopping, online shops, health & beauty
Updated: 14 Dec 2008
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Lori Dentzer 5  2011.07.6
I heard about Bachs rescue remedy from my pharmacist who knew I was overwhelmed from watching the side effects of the seizure medicines my then 5 year old son was on. Never having the seizures controlled by the medicines I went to my pharmacy to pick up a prescription and I couldn't help but cry at the thought of another medication. My pharmacist asked me how open minded I was, when I responded "very" she recommended Bachs Rescue Remedy. She never at any time told me to stop the medicines but suggested that I might want to add it to Owens med routine at night. I am so excited to tell you that from the first night the seizures stopped. My husband and I tapered Owen off of all of the seizure meds and to this day he has NOT had another siezure. I dont think it's a coincidence. I took Owen to his neurologist and showed her the drops Owen was taking at night. She welcomed some information about your product and asked me if I minded if she would share it with some other people. Who would mind? I am writing you today to let you know that Owen is now 12 months seizure FREE!!!!! Thank-you for your product. It has been a God sent gift to our home. Lori Dentzer