MovieStarPlanet - Fame, Fortune and Friends.

Make movies and make cartoons with your own virtual moviestar. It's free. Play games in virtual chatrooms, get friends, buy cool clothes and costumes for your your animated virtual movie star avatar.
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Updated: 25 May 2011
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Riya 5 2023.04.18
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MSP hater  2022.04.5
Lookingvfor a hot gf
XxKittyGamerYTxX 4 2020.04.7
yeah I give this game a good rating except for all f the fricking oders!
diana  2017.04.30
how do you hack people? on moviestarplanet
Bunny ears679 1 2016.12.5
I'v hacked alot of people and got got locked out 1 time I'm so lucky
bigya 1 2015.09.10
Katelyn 1 2015.07.8
I played it like a year ago and now whenever I try to play it, it stops loading at 95% every freaking time its so annoying
Bella  2015.01.27
This game is lol and i be hacket so msp are not lol­čśö
bellaluz 5 2015.01.1
i love this game you need to try it xD
purpleandwhitelol  2014.09.20
I love movie star planet but I got hacked like 4 times and I got scammed but other than the hacker I luv the game<3 so 3-4 star add me on uk my name is purpleandwhitelol
Jessica 3 2014.09.15
it was okay but it always lagged on me and gliched realy bad so it was so so.
Liv8090 1 2014.09.3
ruhi 5 2014.07.30
msp is great.friend me.its ruhisbff
StayYoungWildAndFree 5 2014.07.16
big booty  2014.07.10
msp is fun must whites no blacks btw im black fun site
grace  2014.07.2
whate fok
virus detected  2014.06.9
Hahahahahhahahah im back MSP and you will see the biggest hacks of the year we will be hacking the Anonymous group if you dont want to be hacked HAHAHAHAAHAHA join us also pumpchikn we will hack you get ready ppl
Anonymous  2014.05.28
Hacked myself...get ready 2014! its on!
abercrombie052912  2014.05.14
I love moviestar planet! But yeah hackers are a no no!
lilly smiles 5 2014.05.6
well i love msp but it made a virus to my lap but relly fun im on usa so theres alot of hackers add me on usa XxLilly SmilesXx
AshleyQueen16 5 2014.04.14
I love it! i'm a vip 24/7!
Gracie joy  2014.04.9
This game is supper fun and it has hackers and people get in fights so that should not happen I can go back and rate it 4 stars
Lisa2Pretty 3 2014.02.9
LOVE MSP add me Angel Love123 love this game but it can be dangerous about the hacker I wished their is no hackers around I'll give it a good rating if it's not dangerous
AshleyIshRandom 3 2013.11.8
Love MSP! It's the best!! Add me on the UK MSP please! My UserName is !Jezabel!
dr cutie  2013.09.1
people can be a ##### so be careful
DRcutie  2013.07.22
i luv movie star planet best thing thats ever happend to me
ashley taylor  2013.07.20
add meh I vip meh name is prettygirlz3465 hint I lvl 11 an I also give gifts some times if u one of meh bffs
jessica cristyna 4 2013.06.29
heeeeeeeeeeeeey help me plis how do i get free vip and aad me my name is mommy76
izzy11734  2013.06.25
I got locked out of msp for some reason but msp is the best ever
jessiecute521 1 2013.06.7
Hi i do not go on it i know its cool but lots a hackers coming to get you
littlemelol123 5 2013.05.1
i was hacked and the hacker reported this girl for nothing so i'm locked out for a week and 3 hours i'm littlemelol123 i'm vip and i'm lvl 10 soon at 11 peace
kategurl! 5 2013.04.28
Hey my name is kategurl! my name is all lower case... I was hacked and I got my account back and I am doing better but I am still broke... all I want is friends!! I usally buy and give my friends things 2(hint hint)I am level 4 I want to get to level 5 SO BADplz help meby friending me.kategurl!
Lucy 2 2013.03.17
lauren362 on
Emma 5 2013.03.11
moviestar planet coin hacker thing is what im trying to find just cant find it
jessica 1 2013.03.9
why all of my msp in uk arent sign in it say ur password and username is un corect ?
baba chubz! 5 2013.03.2
add me on UK msp my name is Baba Chubz!
ccc 5 2013.02.28
add me on the usa msp dougieboy313
Asad 1 2013.02.22
Very. Funny. Luke 123030
luke123030 1 2013.02.15
i hack someone and im am locked for 4 days and 9 hours
Abby2Cute 5 2013.02.3
Just kiding my name is lol{a} L0v3 u!
Abby2Cute 5 2013.02.3
Add me my name is linzzy098 :)I Love MSP
help  2013.02.2
95% load solution - make sure your computer is set to the correct date/time, then restart browser. Simples.
Mia huges 5 2013.01.26
I love msp add me on it im called Ashley185 im a lvl 5
T N T 5 2013.01.26
wow! i LUV I!
Cupecake12345 5 2013.01.25
Im Level 11 At The Momment And Jury I Love This Game!!
julia 5 2013.01.15
its cool
Abby Jo21801 5 2012.09.9
Ello im a lvl 7 on MSP and a used to be VIP i will soon get another but first i need to know, what does t mean when it stops on 95% ad wont go farther? Its done it for 5 days in a row! Anyone know how to fix this virus?
Marinel CM  2012.08.5
Im a level 8 player on! Please friend request meh, i only need 4 more friends(:
spark twin  2012.07.12
when i go on msp its stuk on 95% and i hate that
pink lips yo 1 2012.06.22
i got locked off for 6 days and 22 hours just for hacking some1
brambles 5 2012.06.22
hey my name is mia1414655 on msp im lvl 6 non vip ive got 600 freinds my next lvl is 7 but i cant add no one cause of ma lvl if u add me as ur bff or bf ill say yes xx
tomboys166 5 2012.06.2
im going to try to friend all of u
rrrabiahbreakitdown 5 2012.05.17
whats up peeps
kiley202 5 2012.05.15
msp is cool my friends dad is the one that made it
bobby11039 1 2012.05.12
hi mine is always stuck on 95% plz help!
superstar 4 2012.05.10
heya myu name on msp is starsteph, no capitals, no spaces i'm a level 4 vip and a jury add me xxx
sammy g r 5 2012.05.4
chillbarbie is hott, funny, cute, and nice lovely and hot friend me babes
clever-clo  2012.04.28
someones on my acount and it wont let me log in i didnt tell her my pass or anything
olive  2012.04.27
it is awesome level 11
<3 GIRLS1234  2012.04.20
totally love msp add me as your friend please i have two accounts <3 GIRLS1234 and <3 BRUINS
MiaRose524 5 2012.04.5
I love MSP but I hate the Vip Non-Vip war I mean we are all just ppl so get over it!
missmissimiss 5 2012.04.3
If i couldn't live without a fing it wud be MSP. Its keeps me going! :D
MRMT3854321  2012.03.28
Omg... Moviestarplanet is awesome!!! xDD
sugarluv<3 5 2012.03.26
i love movie star planet because it is awsome and it is like u really r famous get the v.i.p tottally cool
kiana<3happy 3 2012.03.21
i love moviestarplanet it awsum i meet awsum people everyday say as her 1 question who made moviestarplanet whoever did there awsum
lovemimijo24 5 2012.03.21
I love moviestarplanet!!! But i'm not in Uk.
Lulu 2468 5 2012.03.18
I Love Moviestarplnet Is The Best Website Ever Made!!! Just 1 Question Who Made It??
pap 1 2012.03.11
Movie star planet is absloutly crap !
Badgirl524 5 2012.03.10
The only way I can have access to MSP is when i sign in by going on here first super weird
jz  2012.03.6
Pie rocker  2012.03.5
I love moviestar planet it is so much fun!
Badgirl524 5 2012.03.4
I love movie star plaent it rocks also on msp my name is Badgirl524 plz look me up and give me an auot plz
Person 5 2012.03.4
Go msp
RosiePosie07 5 2012.03.3
I love msp i'm only lvl 1 VIP and Judge tho :(
missmissimiss 5 2012.02.29
Amzin website luff u who created it
miss.blond  2012.02.27
i luv msp lol it rocks :p
** cool dude **  2012.02.19
msp wont let me online i luv going on it agh
** cool dude ** 5 2012.02.19
msp wont let me online i luv going on it agh
** cool dude **  2012.02.19
msp is the best better then any thing
i am ur man  2012.02.12
msp is awsome
miss blond  2012.02.9
OMG msp rocks lol :P
HOLLY  2012.02.8
littlemix fan 5 2012.02.4
hey peepz love littlemix best girl band EVER!!!!! and also luv msp aswell
badboy  2012.01.28
yo yo
molly 5 2012.01.27
it is so cool i wuld like wanna mrry but that would be weird
Ella  2012.01.25
its amazing
jessie 5 2012.01.24
msp is the best game ever add me rihannalol
Rockin'Out  2012.01.14
xD Screw Cp, Imma MovieStar!
rocky  2012.01.14
It is great WOW
Taylor  2012.01.11
wow! I love it! its so addicting add me my name is funky-fresh101
kimberly300 from msp  2012.01.7
i luve msp im a vip
amanda 5 2012.01.2
i love moviestarplanet its the most funnest game ever
jaz  2011.12.30
i luv msp but its not working
123trust456me 5 2011.12.29
hey ppl i know a way to play it go to skype then type in then click on the website you writen then there you have the game here is the game if your looking or it
123trust456me 5 2011.12.29
moviestarplanet is the second best game but they wont let me go on it now i got a way to play it bye the way elllo who ever is reading this
s5 1 2011.12.24
it does not work!!!
gothgirlxx 2 2011.12.24
I Love Msp (moviestarpanet) It's Totley Awesome! Im Level 14 On There, Add Me - Gothy xxx <3
tommie the j 5 2011.11.17
hi how do you make an acount tommie?
Allie 5 2011.10.25
What are you guys talking about? MSP has let me log on! My user name is Allie too cool. Right now im vip and level 10. watch my PRETTY GIRLS series to help get to lvl 11!
adebisi041 5 2011.10.24
please bring back moviestarplanet!!!!!!!!!!!! please and the following unlock number is -20593727
adebisi041 5 2011.10.24
hi my name is adebisi041 in moviestarplanet i am very sad because i have not been to moviestarplanet for a very long time can you please bring back moviestarplanet it is unfair to all those people that does not have a computer at home and they go to library and the library computer is not working on moviestarplanet please bring back moviestarplanet website back.please
hot chick.. 5 2011.10.6
hi my name is hot chick.. i love moviestarplanet but i havent bin on it for a long time becouse the web site is not workin and i miss goin on the game talkin to my boyfriend and my friends :(
tahsin123 1 2011.09.25
i h8 it when i try to log in it frezzes n wen i do try to log in it shows the clock thig but never logs me in and it doent let me maake another user but i really do love moviestarplanet
Cloud Razor  2011.08.29
MovieStarPlanet is awesome! Add me.
poshmaddie456  2011.08.26
it is ahhhh amzing you need to join cause your missing out on a treat it if you want to be a VIP you have to pay but it is cheap and plz be my friend poshmaddie456 thanks poshmaddie456 xx :-)
Rory345 5 2011.08.8
I love movie star planet but the loading is always on 95% every time i got on the website.
playgirl01  2011.07.5
hey russian mate how about putting it in english heh? or you dont speak english
mobb 5 2011.06.6
can someone go put with me im russian. and ive got a 6 pack
holland  2011.06.3
i also LUV moviestarplanet!
holland 3 2011.06.3
i love this game ( zwinky ) but i hate downloading it tho!