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IPWFI Ltd has been trading since 1991, offering both insurance backed guarantees and deposit indemnity protection to the home improvement industry on a wide range of products ranging from, windows, doors, conservatories in either, UPVc, Aluminium or Hard
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Updated: 16 Apr 2011
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Sheila white  2014.03.29
To everyone who is looking to register there certificate number I also could not find where to fill in form. I went back to the page with all suggested sites and clicked on the site at the top of page, it came up at the first click
John 1 2014.02.13
Gave up trying to contact this Insurance Company about a leak in the roof of my Conservatory. This Company covers the ten year guarantee for the firm that built the Consertavory.All you get is leave a message, and when I eventually thought I had got to speak to a person the line went dead.What a rubish system.
Nick 1 2014.01.10
Hopeless website, how can you ignore your customers, only pleased as someone else said the workmanship was good but this is hopeless cannot activate the insurance return
GChallenger 1 2014.01.5
I used the address bar as suggested but could not find the place to enter details of the return slip. Will have to post it. Absolutely rubbish website. Thankfully window installers more professional.
Janet Matthews  2013.10.18
Absolutely agree with all previous negative comments. No matter what I try there is nowhere to fill in my details. Had to post it..yuk!!!
D.Tomlins  2013.09.11
Tried again & sent an e-mail awaiting a phone call from yourselves look at your e-mail
D.Tomlins  2013.09.10
Tried 6 times on website to complete my retun slip
Nice Guy 3 2013.09.9
hi guys, try going to the actual page address as specified on the return slip, i found no problem, the address is www.ipwfi.co.uk/return and type that into the address bar rather than running a google search for the address.
john harris 1 2013.08.21
just tried to find the return page on here i will not be doing this on line as it is dissapiontingly poor i had to ring up for advise,will post my return slip when job is complete,websit access is rubbish
Iuri 2 2013.08.8
Sonagi,I do not have any information on Web sites that do not rreuiqe a national ID, and I do not know how to get around the problem. I wish they would stop doing that. I usually just ignore such sites, or link to the parts that are open to unregistered visitors. There is a lot of free stuff out there.As for my posting, I like doing it because it helps me remember things. I could keep notes on my computer, but I tend to never look at them again after I save them. I don't have that problem when I post online. I regularly go back and look at old posts to refresh my memory because many times I use posts as a kind of bookmark for things I want to study, but have no time for at that moment. Also, I like to post online because I pay more attention to making clear notes since I know people might be reading them.I am glad you are enjoying the posts. Take care.
Cha 2 2013.08.6
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j percy  2013.05.25
ipwfi websight is rubbish cant find the page to register my number
George Stephenson 1 2013.04.27
Time to rethink your web service for Customer Return Slips. Stormshield installation.
j.roworth  2013.04.1
where is the page to enter my regisration number?
Mrs A.D.Hughes  2013.03.26
Mike Hall-Spencer 1 2013.02.16
Registering my guarantee on this website is too complicated. Very time-consuming and inefficient, but I tried
Greenwood  2013.01.4
Hmm. Website in need of a tweak or two? Not a user-fiendly approach to registering for our online guarantees.
Curly Al 5 2012.12.1
Go to Homepro website and follow links
Sarah Griffiths  2012.11.26
I have the same problem as Shirley Tobias, cannot find the online form!!!!!
SHIRLEY TOB IAS (MRS) 1 2012.11.25