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Coopers of Stortford

Description: Browse diverse departments of this family-run business. Fashion, gifts, gardening and cookware are all catered for.
Tags: shopping, major shops, department stores
Updated: 14 Dec 2008
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E Coates 5  2014.09.29
Ordered on 22nd - found the site easy to use and straightforward. Order delivered 1 item Saturday 27th 2nd Monday 30th. Excellent service - but I might not have used had I taken so many negative comments on board! It just happened that neither was available elsewhere that I could find.
L Heide   2014.05.23
Have just received and unpacked your star buy metal bench The measurements do not match up. If you put the back rest on then the seat does not fit. If you put the seat on the back rest does not fit.
MIKE 5  2014.02.13
Robert 1  2014.01.15
Still the same I see. Take orders for what they have not got. After several weeks, when orders mount up they then order from their supplier. Explains why it takes so long to deliver. I read their catalogue, decide what I want and then order through Amazon. Amazing the difference between the two
Bob Sloan   2014.01.6
After reading such negative feedback, I couldn't even consider dealing with this outfit.
john bugden   2013.11.25
still waiting for non-drip teapot I ordered and paid for on 4th.november,what is the holdup,if no teapot will you refund my £14.99 please so that I may purchase elsewhere.
nfljerseys   2013.10.25
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Pete Cowdrey   2013.10.17
Why is it that all your prices end in 99p?, at the very least it is disingenuous. Surely, after the length of time that decimal currency has been in force people are no longer fooled.
Kay   2013.07.4
I was going to place an order but after reading all the comments from other would be purchasers, I will not waste my time. Interesting as to how this Company has survived!
Kay   2013.07.4
I was going to place an order but after reading all the comments from other would be purchasers, I will not waste my time. Interesting as to how this Company has survived!
Oliver Smith 1  2013.07.4
Tried to order through oopers web site impossible tried the teelphone ordering method got my order inpaid with debit card. nothing for several days .no confirmation etc tried email they confirmed order and it was being dealt with. Joke. finaly wrote to the MD over a week ago still nothing nothing, A company is only as good as the employees that work for them and Coopers of Stortford are really the pits.
George Doak 1  2013.04.16
placed an order with them heard no more after 6 wweeks
bruce 1  2013.03.17
tried buying on line my system told me NOT TO
denys   2013.03.7
tried to order by phone and all items in stock would not say goods would be deliverd within 2 weeks in this day and age if you can not deliver from stock i am afraid you should give up MAIL ORDER
DocP   2013.03.2
I had no problems and could not pretend to be a computor wizz
Norman Parker 1  2013.03.2
received advice note with order and the prices in the book are aparently exclusive of VAT which is not shown in the book price ...... catch me once shame on you....catch me twice shame on me.... Please DO NOT send me any more brochures
Clive 1  2013.02.9
Just had magazine delivered. 10 minutes later I went online to order direct. No such items shown on webpage. Looking at other comments, this company is a disaster
Dawn   2012.12.6
Every time I try to get onto the web I get the same message - having problems uploading this page. I've ordered on line before but is this due to the Xmas rush??
david   2012.09.2
I have tried to order goods on line.The system does not recognise some catalogue item references.The site is very confusing to use.I have purchsed items elsewhere
Irene Rowland   2012.08.15
I to have found it very difficult to order goods, what is the solution Coopers of Stortford.
CHRIS   2012.06.13
tried to order on line.item not reconised even thou bok just arrived.BUCK UP.
roy part 1  2012.05.15
tried ordering on line and web useless.Tried telephone and all operators busy.Get real coopers
tony 2  2012.02.8
tried to order from catalogue, not recognised. Tried phoning but as usual music playing to push up the cost, rang off. Am going to try again ordering online to see if product is recognised. Already spent 35 minutes. DREADFUL
tarry   2012.01.6
very satified with all goods ordered Ie small oven grill and..chickens and ducks garden ornaments. very well wrapped and packed and quick delivery..........10 out of 10!
mary   2011.11.28
I would agree with Gerry Have just ordered and had to go out to get password.Now my basket is empty and I do not know if my order is accepted or not. Will try telephone. Terrible site!! Help how do I send this?
Mrs M Livingstone 5  2011.11.17
Have placed an order approx. three weeks ago, for page 14 D503 1+1 bath holder chrome £14.99 page 12 C 875 2 packs button waistband extenders £17.98 paid by Master card. I have tried to contact You by phone but unable to speak to anyone. If this doesn't arrive in the next 7 days I will have no other option but to cancel my Master card . Rergards M.Livingstone
Neil Barry Haughey   2011.11.13
Need to ask you a question but am having a @#$ of a job trying to find an e-mail address for you. Please come back to me with one. I will not use 0844 or 0845 because I am with Virgin and they are about the most expensive telephone company in the country. haughey6{a} Thank you.
Mervyn Lloyd Jones 1  2011.11.12
Can't find how to access your on-line ordering process. Tried umpteenth time but to no avail.
Madeline Barbara Melville 3  2011.09.28
I am amazed that your "search" did not recognise the item I wanted to view, in spite of giving it the title from your catalogue! I wanted to get aa enlarged view and look for customers reviews. I refer to item D386. Is this already discontinued? Am waiting to place order f9or a number of items.
Sylvia Shillitoe 3  2011.08.6
Also tried ringing but no one available mid Saturday morning.
Sylvia Shillitoe 2  2011.08.6
Tried to send email but it failed to go!!
gerry   2010.08.2
found this site so impossible to negotiate in order to place an order, finally resorted to telephoning order.
AdeefromDagenham 5  2010.01.28
Excellent website, there halogen oven I found the cheapest around. Very easy to use, prompt delivery
jlgpoulton{a}   2010.01.23
Trying to order on line from catalogue no clear way to do so from my list with pages and numbers of foods wanted. only Amazon and faf¬