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Edenred - Compliments Card

Description:Welcome to Compliments Card, the gift card with the most reward options from Edenred
Tags:disposable, prepaid, programmes, motivation, rewards, compliments
Updated: 01 Mar 2011
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stephen brookman 2 2015.06.2
unable to change pin at atm, now not sure which pin is valid and will probably not be accepted at till point. Unable to check account balance online as card number is not being recognised. What a lot of hassle
Nigel Bradd 1 2015.02.26
I am having the same problem, 5 phone calls to get activation code. They say I will receive a code in 2-3 days, I have been trying since January.
kinza  2015.02.21
What a scam.... tried for over a week trying to call them and cant get through also when I did my card got declined in every outlet they told me I could use it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coral Rutherford  2014.12.22
totally unable to activate my card as I do not have activation code. Have tried ringing but get no satisfaction
C.Ashdown 1 2014.12.5
Same same - No activation Code - Called every number I can find and emailed Eden Red but no response - supposed to be a bonus - they will have made the value of the card from me in telephone calls at this rate - what an absolute con
b moore 1 2014.12.4
same problem as others no activation code
sheila dowley  2014.12.4
can,t activate card as have not recieved code,tried calling number either engaged or just not answering!!!is this some sort of con?
g.g. 1 2014.12.4
cant activate card no number been sent for activation so no pin.all phone numbers engaged.bit of con me thinks.
AJR 5 2014.09.23
Why use a pre-paid card which does not use a chip & PIN, and payment is simply authorised by a signature? It doesn't sound secure. Pre-paid means you give them your money to spend your own money with the card. I am sceptical, it seems suspicious and pointless.
Trish  2014.06.25
Still trying to register!
i vaughan 1 2014.04.19
ditto Jane Reid
Jane Reid  2014.04.15
How can I register my card can not find a site that does it
jayne t  2014.04.4
Can someone please tell me how you register for your account as per step 6 on confirmation letter?
Eric Goodwin 1 2014.03.20
highly frustrating process trying to confirm account
Vin Rigby 1 2014.02.14
What a waste of time when trying to find participating shops as directed by the Compliments flier that cam with the card.