Clairol: Hair Colour For Women

Visit the Clairol UK website to receive professional hair colour, hair care and hair product information. To find out more about different colours you can find your shade and use the match chart from Garnier belle Colour, Garnier Nutrisse, L'Oreal Excell
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Updated: 27 Apr 2011
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Erica Turpin  2020.01.10
Having used Clairol hair colour for over 40 years( and gone from dark brown to gray) and have always been very please with the Nice and Easy line having tried to buy 11 A colour at my local Super Drug and at Boots and found neither stocked this line on the shelf,Boots checked on line for me and i ordered 2 boxes which i can pick up the next concern is that i hope this number A 11 will NOT be taken out of production...( feeling worried)...
ELIZABETH LEE  2019.09.29
Have just used ultra lift 11cc by mistake I didn't read the small print now I have grey hair with green highlights, can you advise me what colour to apply I am usually ash blond
Pat Stephens  2019.08.31
Have used light beige blond for many years, sometimes with a touch of golden blond. I always colour after my 5 week haircut and am now finding the colour has completely gone within 3 weeks. What am I doing wrong?
Lyn foggon 1 2019.03.21
The new cream formula is nowhere near as good as the old,cover on grey hair is dull and fades quickly.
Lynne  2019.02.5
I have used the 6 to 8 washes formula for many years and I am now struggling to find it. Have you discontinued it?
laine.  2018.12.16
I have have light natural blonde, For years I have used the light beige. which was a lovely pinky colour. What number is now. I used the pale beige and my hair went brown ug!
Bea  2018.10.12
To add tube 1 to bottle 2, you need three hands!!! The tube needs a very positive squeeze and there is a risk of knocking the bottle, with its narrow neck, over. Also, colour appears to fade out more quickly. After using product for years I am now not happy.
Sue  2018.09.25
Have used clariol nice' easy no6 for some years. Just used new improved product. Should have been natural light brown but went very black and stained skin, what have you done to it.
Sue Cumberland 5 2018.09.14
I have used Nice and Easy for over 15 years and you have changed the formula during this time. Todays new formula is the best!! I too can't get 8CB but are using 9B it is great..easy,creamy, quick and the colour is lovely.. Thankyou..Sue
Tina  2018.08.18
After using your products for years always had the same colour got what I thought was my shade for it to turn my hair from light blonde to brown. So I waited a few weeks tried a lighter shade it then turned my hair Grey. I'm not the only person who has had this problem with the new colours. What have you done to the colours
Muriel Madson  2018.08.7
What has happened to Niceneasy number 8CB Medium Light Champagne Blond???? I have been in every shop that sells hair colour & no one is stocking it since the new packaging has arrived. I've had to purchase number 7CB Dark Champagne Blonde but have a feeling that it will be too dark. If so, then I shall have to look at other brands which will be a shame after 15years as a loyal customer.
Marie  2018.07.18
I purchased your new and improved Permanent hair colour in 6G Light Golden Brown to do my roots but I am very disappointed at the change to the colour that actually came out a very dark brown, almost black. I have used light golden brown shade for a long time and was happy with the colour as it was being a lovely light shade. The new shade that you describe as new and improved was no improvement to me as was far too dark and has stopped me using it again. I will not be purchasing this again. Very unhappy with the changes to the product and would like the colour returned to the old shade that it was.
margaret.foyle{a}  2018.06.24
I Have been using nice n easy for many years and have been very pleased with the result.I use 9pb light pale blonde. I have bought the same in the new packaging but my hair has come out much darker than usual and not got the normal gloss so am very disappointed.What is the answer please?
Elaine I Fazackerley  2018.04.15
Used Nice N Easy for years this new one is awful, dyed my hair and everything else had to use bleach to clean bath and sink, and as for hairline don't go there bring back the old one please. will have to go elsewhere so disappointed
ms rebecca sanders 1 2018.02.25
I just open my box of Clairol Dark Warm Brown 82 and there's no instructions or gloves, not very helpful!!!
barbara 1 2017.10.21
i have been using your product for many years and have found that I now have to dye my hair every two weeks as your colours do not seem to be lasting very long very disappointed indeeed
rose  2016.11.30
I used to use 106B, but no longer available, I used 8gn/105g last time, much to blonde /red for me, how will I tone it back. oconnellrose{a}
marion 5 2015.08.1
i cant believe i have found nicen easy no. 10. i have bleached my hair for 40 yrs and someone recomended to try your hair colorant. my hair has never looked better, it looks exactly the same as colour on the box. thankyou clairol
Nicola Duval  2015.06.24
I have used the dark brown root toch up for years now but recently I have purchased two boxes and found the colourant to be wrong ! Instead of brown it would appear to be for blonde. Please could you advise if there is a problem as I am reluctant to buy anymore incase this happens a third time .
Kay anstead  2015.04.17
I live on the IOW and am finding it I'm possible to find supplies of Perfect 10. I use the shade lightest blonde. Can I purchase supplies by phone or Internet. Can't get through on telephone numbers on box
Jenny 1 2015.03.19
Very unhappy! I have used nice'n easy 104 (Natural Honey Blonde) many times, now you have changed the number to 8G QUOTE: New Number, same great shade. WELL IT ISN'T!! It's red, doesn't cover properly and doesn't cover greys!! I have had to use a much darker shade to cover the awful colour and now my hair is way darker than I want - did I mention I was VERY UNHAPPY????
yvette heath 4 2013.10.27
I recently purchased 2 x perfect 10 light auburn 6R shade from Tesco to find that when I came to use the second box there is no high gloss colour creme. Very frustrating. Can i get a replacement? Not got receipt now.
Jackie  2013.09.29
I am planning on dyeing my hair using Perfect 10 Medium Blonde. I have used this product before, when my hair was shorter, but need to know if is ok to double up on the colour now my hair is much longer. Some other makes recommend this in their instructions,when hair is long.
Patricia Paterson  2013.08.27
I have used this product for years, but the last twice after using 114A Natural Lightest Golden Brown my hair has turned out Auburn Red! I am so unhappy about this. Has something gone wrong in the packing factory? Where do I send my complaint please.
annie  2013.08.8
Hiya in may i had my hair dyed blonde in a salon its coming out now could I use nice n easy blonde dye on top of it thank you
jean wakeman 5 2013.05.25
I bought nice'n easy foam to colour my hair before going on holiday next week,as I have used this many times I didn't think to check the contents of the box before mixing the bottles only to find the foamer cap was missing this meant I was unable to use it and had to throw it away. I am a pensioner and cannot afford waste.If I sent the box and the receipt would I be able to get a refund?
Christina Ruffell  2013.03.14
I was taking two packs of Clairol nice and easy no 87 natural ultra light on holiday (3 months) to Spain but the security took away the colour activator creme .can you help as I can not use the product without these. I have used this product from the time it came on to the market and love it Kind regards Christina Ruffell
pam  2013.03.3
Help, this is the second time this has happened to me .On getting the product home and getting ready to dye my hair on opening thr box i find the conditioner missing! . Is this happening at the factory or is it being stolen?
Linda Johnston (Mrs) 5 2012.03.17
I used Nice and Easy 103 today (love the colour and ease of application!)and found you had replaced the nice, well fitting gloves for nasty, ill fitting, rough ones. I much preferred the other gloves. Can you please bring the nice gloves back?