Girobank BillPay

Allows bill payments to be made online using a debit card from a bank or building society. Find a list of participating firms and sign up.
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Updated: 14 Dec 2008
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Riya  2023.04.18
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Ken Hatch 1 2015.03.10
Got to be the most useless site around and totally unfriendly. Designed by a monkey (apologies to monkeys - you are probably not that stupid) Thank goodness I still have a cheque book and pen....just got to find a post office still open !
Dave Williams 1 2014.12.5
I couldn't even get started so I gave up straight away
Tony Conboye  2014.04.22
Totally useless !!!!!!
j hamer 1 2013.10.29
so then HOW DO YOU THIS SITE.There are no links to tell you what to do
James White 1 2013.09.2
I tried using this "easy method" to try to pay my self assessment with a debit card. After being on line for more than an hour I gave up. It is a waste of time. It is easier to add a negative comment than pay a bill. Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?
Paul Osborne 1 2013.06.11
What a load of B*llocks. set up after a lot of hassle. then went to pay bill, only to be told that it exceeded the £2000 limit. Get a life, you either want these bills paid or you don't.
Peter cliff re;johnston publishing 1 2013.05.15
waste of time
Garry Hall 1 2013.02.10
Yes. I agree with most of the negative comments. Didn't even get started. Rubbish. Don't waste your time. Use the phone or pay directly 'old fashioned way' at the bank - even that's quicker.
Newsome 1 2012.11.26
I totally agree with most of the comments already shown here. Surely it would be quite simple to put a link here to pay a bill easily and straight forward. It seems the comments are not being studied by your site managers. Pull your finger out!
myra 5 2012.10.12
just used site for first time to pay council tax wish i had done this long ago so easy and im a pensioner
Viv  2012.09.8
site updated 14 Dec 2008!comments on site FROM 2009 to 2012 stating its not working - I'm not going to try. IS THERE ANY ONE THERE??
david 5 2012.04.5
Just tried this, simplicity itself. All you need to know is to hit the right button
sleeves 1 2011.02.23
im the 38th happy member
Denise  2011.02.14
Oh well, I tried, back to the phone!!!!!
barry  2011.01.12
what a load of rubbish couldn't even get started get rid and start again. Back to reliable old cheques!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vernon  2010.12.22
Decided to pay my Wessex Water a/c on-line but having read comments on this site I won't bother - must be easier and simpler to pay by telephone.
mrs margaret rees  2010.12.14
where is my money....I paid my water bill and there is no record of it being I am worried..why are companies using this site?
david of leicester 1 2010.12.7
too complicated, easier phoning up! Im never gonna use this site.
CARLA BLACKFORD 1 2010.11.19
these comments r here 4 a reason !!!!!!!
could not register then could not pay much needed rent waste of my time!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULDT EVEN WASTE YOURS
Mike  2010.11.13
I am not a great fan of banks these days but I must give credit when they occasionally get something right. Using the Santander site under is a piece of cake even for an IT illiterate like me. They also store the information for your next visit to the site, you can add other companies to be paid, they tell you the bill has been paid and send you an email with a transaction reference number. I wish they were all as easy as this.
leanne  2010.09.26
i found it easy to regiser but i agree its crap i got to the end then the page didnt load properly after i put in my card details now i dont know if its been paid or not now! next time i will just pay it at the post office its much easier
John 1 2010.09.2
After reading comments, i won't even bother!!!!!
brendon Rossiter 5 2010.07.17
This is a load of crap, I am trying to pay a bill as a first time customer,its not user friendly.get your act together or close this site. Brendon
yvonne  2010.07.15
absolutley agree what a load ovcrap time and time again i tried i give up phone is easier than this!!
Maggs  2010.07.5
it's not possible to pay you water bill on line ............HELP
roger aka bogey 1 2010.07.2
this is garbage
mike 1 2010.07.1
could not even get started, what happened to the old site,switch on and short it out
CAROLOU 1 2010.06.1
I got as far as regestering my bristol/wessex water account then gave up. I know rockydiver thinks we all lame but i'd say we all sane and the site is shite. I agree, W Water should stop saying bills can be paid on line, or find a better site.
rockydiver  2010.05.31
whats the problem you lamers. Klick on go to santander bill pay website, register, register the bill you want to pay, pay it, job done - welcome to the e world.
DiRtYDi007  2010.05.28
wanted to pay my wessex water bill but could not even start. SOOOO confusing?? This is absolutely S**T.
Nic  2010.05.27
Works, but not well ,having so many frustrated customers is a clue, or maybe not ?Rating, is 1 good or bad ?
Petra  2010.05.24
Wessex Water should stop advising customers that they can pay their bill online as this is evidently NOT possible.
tony  2010.05.5
totally agree this site should be banned now,and wessex water should get their act together,
jenny  2010.05.1
Agree, could not pay Wessex water bill
Dave  2010.05.1
A waste of time can't recognise Wessex Waters Customer Reference:
Linaire McRae 1 2010.04.5
Been trying to pay my council tax bill for 4 days now....what the hell is going wonder our councils are in,of course I'll probably get a threatening letter.Nice job Fife!
Janet  2010.04.5
Redirection, passwords, what kind of scam are you people running here??? You certainly wont get my details on line, wouldnt trust you any further than I could throw you. Absolute rubbish site. Get yourselves a good designer.
Roger  2010.04.5
What a completely useless site. All I wanted to do was pay my Council Tax on-line. How, in this day and age, can someone make life so difficult. I have reported this scam to my Council and I will be paying at my bank from now on. What a load of utter crap!
Michael  2010.03.22
Do I really need to find another password to pay a bill. Get a life and make things easy. Get rid of it.
Barbara 3 2010.02.23
I agree with all the comments, I nearly gave up until I read the comment about clicking on "" at the top of the page, after that no problems. A big sign saying "click here" would have saved me twenty minutes!
shaun 5 2010.01.3
really easy to use if you use common sense click on at top of page the rest is easy.
adrian 1 2009.12.30
i agree this is a waste of time, take it off trhe net..its crap
Mike 1 2009.12.26
Totally agree with other comments - absolutely useless. i will be visiting my bank to pay my water bill after Christmas
*** OFF 1 2009.11.9
I thought it would easy too i agree it,s load of crap
terry  2009.11.8
I agree with all coments,
julian 1 2009.10.13
How the hell do you make a payment?? cant find any links for this , utter CRAP
Arthur Maclean 1 2009.10.7
a waste of time cant get a link to pay my water bill, disgusting service, take off the internet you are useless
john 1 2009.09.26
put all my details in to pay a bill and it then says it cant do it, what's the point of having it if it cant recognise your details.
Johnston Publishing Customer 1 2009.08.31
Totally useless. Whats the point of directing customers hear to pay their bills when if there is a link even the site cant find it in search.