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Loan specialists can sort you out with a loan for any amount for any purpose. They search the market for the best loan for your needs. All credit and employment situations considered.
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Updated: 14 Dec 2008
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Luan  2015.09.22
This company took £580 from and the asking more because I apply for loan hire
Anon 1 2015.09.16
Complete scam. The proper company will not ask you for any money. Please do not part with any cash as you will not see it again. And do not under any circumstances give your bank details!!
gareth 1 2013.11.16
fast i dont think so missed they call so i called them back we will call you back till now joke
Another one  2013.07.13
Best4loans what a joke best4keeping you talking asking about ppi, credit cards, accidents and IVA's and after 40 mins on phone got told I won't get a loan so would have to go on debt management. 10 mins later get a text saying I've been accepted for a loan with there other company lightning loans and surprise I get refused again after complying another application.., then I start getting texts & calls about consolidation loan program's from the same company... Complete waste of time just want all your details to sell on
Jane S  2013.02.26
I found this company to be a very fast loan finding service, not a fee charging one either so no nasty surprises. Good company to use.
Sara Lowe 5 2012.11.2
I found this company to be great, they were very fast and do not charge you extra fees, a very good one to use if you want a loan.
Gayle Woodford 5 2012.07.30
This company are fast and reliable when you apply for a loan with them. They do not ask for any fee, and there are no forms to fill out, you can do all the paperwork online. I was really pleased with what they found me, and as it was a free service it was even better!
Rizwan 2 2012.07.19
If the car loan and the student loans are your only debt, you are much betetr off leaving these separate from each other. However, if you have not already done so, you should go ahead and consolidate your student loans (but keep separate from the car loan). Doing so allows you to lock in to a low interest rate, and you do not lose any of the advantages of your student loans. For example, if some or all of your loans were subsidized, that portion of your consolidated student loan balance will remain subsidized.Student loans carry possible tax advantages the interest can be tax deductible and they also can be eligible for deferment and extended terms if you lose your job at any point in the future or you fall on hard financial times. If you were to consolidate your student loans with your auto loan, you would lose those advantages.Pay off the car loan as soon as possible, but you can take more time with the student loans. It's probably the least expensive debt you have. Once you earn a higher salary and have some savings set aside and have paid off your car loan, then you can get to work paying off your student loans.
sergio 5 2012.06.21
great service! i'm really happy with this company, they turned out to be a godsend! they got me a good low rate loan with no paperwork or fees! definately use them! sergio, harlesden.
brendan 5 2012.05.11
Really good company! I used them this week and they sorted me a loan really quickly! No paperwork, no fees, no issues! Top service!
Keeley Derbyshire 5 2012.04.16
Great company to use! They found me a loan at 10.9% APR which I'm really happy with. They are really fast too! just filled out an online form, they called me and I was accepted on the phone, plus there is no paperwork. I'd use them again no problem!
Scott Thompson  2012.04.11
In my experience this company are top class, they sorted a good loan deal for me and it was all sorted mega fast :) big thanks to best4loans!
Joanne 5 2012.03.26
I just used them and was really impressed! Friendly staff, quick service and no paperwork! They gave me very good service and I can't really say anything bad about them! Cheers!
spencer_P 5 2012.03.19
i think this company are great. good quick service and decent interest rates in my experience. i got a loan with them so obviously i think they are really good! they give good service tho, defo not a scam
connie 5 2012.03.16
this company have found me a loan, i got the money in my bank today. i've seen some good comments and some negative, which made me unsure as to wether to go ahead, but there were no problems and i'm a happy customer. i think maybe the ex employee who posted on here is maybe the one lying, maybe because they were sacked lol.
revenge 1 2012.03.15
I personally used to work for this company and yes they are just after your money.Listen to the wording they use.Its always APPROVED for the loan, under no circumstances was any of us allowed to say GUARANTEED. Also the money SHOULD be in your account not WILL BE be in your account.The company has now changed the BROKERS FEE to a SUBSCRIPTION FEE for the website its the same thing only they cant act as a broker anymore as the OFT hasnt got a clue about the new script they use.Dont use this company PLEASE if you do pay a fee they will tell you that you lied to them about something on the app so you cant get the fee bk or have too mess around for months whilst they pay you a percentage back. Just abit of advice.
bobby 5 2012.03.14
great com[any to deal with in my experience. i've seen mixed reviews on the internet, but they did as they said and got me a loan with no fuss. everything went smoothly and i'll definately use them if i need another loan.
wayne cartere 1 2012.03.13
i applied they lied took a fee offered me a loan that did not exist stay well clear just cancelled my subsrciption and asked for a refund dont hold much hope going to contact the obusman these crooks sould be STOPPED
louisa-d 5 2012.03.12
unsec loan company found me a loan no problem so for me they are great! my credit score isn't great either but it wasn't a proble, interest rate was a bit high but not stupid. give them a try i say.
stu_ellis 5 2012.03.9
I have used this company and have to say they were great. they found me a loan and the payments were reasonable. i had a couple of defaults but it wasnt a problem. other companies tuened me down or quoted me much higher. i think some people slagging them off on here are probably didnt tell them all of their bad credit history, if you do that you are asking to be declined. i was honest and i had no problems with them.
Lisa garret 5 2012.03.7
The reason for a loan broker is that your paying them to find the best loan for u and no your not guaranteed a loan can't believe most of u ppl are applying and don't know how a broker works u need to do your research first before u pay someone for there services I have good credit and have used them a few times in he past and got a loan with the best rates at the time so there not con artists it's just that 90% of u have very poor credit that no creditors want to touch so thats just your own fault rant over
john  2012.02.14
this company is a joke "you have been approved and the funds will be in your bank in 3 - 5 days" load of rubbish, they wont even give me a refund and I had sent my letter in 4 days after our first telephone conversation. Said something about a false declaration on the application and they don't even know which company have said this its a load of rubbish, stay away from this company I have got the financial ombudsman to get in touch I am not letting this lye they need shutting down be warned!
karen  2011.03.10
1 also foolishly applied to this company they charged me 60 pounds to be ripped off.if i dont get my money returned im considering contacting watchdog.they prey on the vunerable.
darren 1 2010.12.21
jst been reading all these comments when they phone me they will be getting a clear *** off . thnaks for the comments .
Kevin 5 2010.09.22
Have got caught with this company and i am trying to get a refund. They are sayiny that i signed a form for them to carry out a credit search so i will not get a refund. Hoe ever i have taken advice and will be contacting the financial services ombudsman to complain, this could end up costing them a lot more than the original fee.
Lucy 1 2010.03.16
Never ever contact this Company. A complete scam. Like many after a short telephone call I had my loan approved and I paid the upfrom admin fee of £50. 8 weeks later they have not been able to offer me a loan after saying it would take 3 days for the money to go into my account. I have now contacted the Ombudsmen to try and get my money back. Dont let them use the credit search as under their terms and conditions the admin fee is then non refundable. Also every day I receive numerous calls and texts from other lenders that my details have been passed to!
Katy 5 2010.01.21
I got scammed too, but I complained to the financial ombudsman with all the emails and evidence I had of what had gone on and two months after this all started i eventually have had my money back. definitely go to the financial ombudsman it may take a few months to get your money back but its worth it in the end! the more people that do this the more likely it is that they will get shut down altogether!
chantell 5 2009.12.10
i also got scammed 3 times now once i got citizens advice to get me my fee of 49pound back and reciceid 44pounds as they keep 5pounds well i applyed to al of a sudden i wrote a letter to get my fee back as with bad credit thats wat these are for best 4 loans i wrote to and no unwriter and all the email pictures av changed as i was kept informed by the under writer its a scam u dont pay a fee to provident if i could get 1 i would of applyed my self its ok people i am seeing my worker who does my finances and getting these people stoped to do this i am a single mum 3 children twin girls and alittle boy all under 6 that 30pounds could of gone towords a toy or food for my children these cheeky awful scammers r disgusting ripping innocent famliys off 3to5 days they said for loan been nearly 3 weeks now infact got the number to ring who i spoke to about getting me a lender there just as bad as each other
Black Lily 1 2009.11.5
I also got scammed by them tonight. I got the same spiel, the loan was approved, the money would be in my bank account in 3-5 days, when I pointed out that they didn't have my bank details I was told once I went online and accepted the t&c's I would be recieve a telephone call to get my bank details. The loan they said I had was good so I paid the money, then googled them. Yep I feel as foolish as everyone else. I rang straight back to get my money back and was told to write in and that on the day they received my letter they would refund me, we'll see. I have wrote letter and threatened the Ombudsman so hopefully will get refund. These companies should be stopped, they pray on innocent people with poor/fair credit rating who feel they are unable to get a loan from a bank. No wonder the country is in debt, with all the financial laws coming in you would think these brokers would be banned. The one thing that really annoyed me is that before I paid the money they said the loan was with them, never mentioned being a brokers. Is that mis-representing themselves to get my money?
kim 5 2009.11.3 have conned me too.if anyone can help me to what i can do to try and get my money back i would be most greatful.
kevin 4 2009.10.15
i have applied to this company i paid my fee and i was also told that the funds will be in my account3-5 days. they told me i had been accepted by a lender has been found. i have been in regular contact with them on a daily basis they are very helpful. i have been scammed before by fake companies who u can't contact
Maria 5 2009.10.13
I got the loan i wanted too david :) there must be something that they can do for the rest of you, i dont really think that they deserve to be slated like this and they are certainly not a scam!
David walis  2009.10.13
I applied with best 4 loans about 1 month ago, They managed to get me a loan within the said timeframe, i found that there service was very professional and helpful, i wanted the loan to go to oz to see my mum, im due to fly out next week, i am guessing that there are many more happy customers and without them i might never see my mum again
viky 1 2009.09.20
Best4Loan also trading in the name of Unsecuredloancompany are scam do not use them atall
vicky  2009.09.3
i have just been ripped off by this company they told me i would get my loan in 3 to 5 days then i read the terms and conditions and was told they help to find u a loan it can take up to 10 weeks and then its still not a gauratee that u get a loan they r just con artists they take the upfront fee and then they dont want to know you be wared best 4 loans are best to stay away from
Kwesi 1 2009.08.26
I totally agree with everyone Best4Loans are rip off and I hope legally. I just cant believe they are legally allowed to do that. I hope the company gets closed down soon. Anyone reading this pls stay away from this company. They will increase your stress levels.U will come back and say we told you so
steven dean 5 2009.08.22
Glyn  2009.08.12
Best4loans, not best4 nothing, have taken my money and nothing in return. I am in dispute at the moment will update as tis progresses and if I get my money back.
daniel kmill  2009.08.11
i also payed the 44 ponds an 88p fee about aweek an half ago they said i was gettin the money but still not heard anything
JULIE  2009.08.7
Tracy 1 2009.07.24
me and my partner stupidly applied for a loan was told over the phone by a man called Steven Dean he told us we would recieve the money in our account within 5 days we had a £42 fee to pay i said to the guy im not paying for the fee if im not getting the money he told me once we recieve payment you will get your money and guess what IM STILL WAITING FOR MY MONEY they are a waste f time i cant believe i was so stupid to fall for them
lynn h 1 2009.07.20
i am so gutted i to have been duped i also was promised £ in 3/5 days i desperately wanted to help my daughter and notoday i learn that they have taken my money for nothing. i hope they rot in hell
baz 2 2009.07.12
im trying to stop this account but how can u do it u.when u contact some one they put u on hold for 15-30 minutes.
Gene Thompson  2009.07.6
This is a bogus company - do not use under any circumstances!! If you have Facebook, join the group "Best4loans - it's a scam!!!" Tell us what has happened to you, and find out what progress we are making to have them closed down...
charles  2009.06.9
i second the motion of what have been commented. totally agree. please don't fool other people, this is not healthy.
Sibonile 1 2009.06.7
they said to me it takes 3-5 days but now its more than that
sue 1 2009.05.15
warning to people perhaps trying to sort their finances out...don't dare go to best4loans,they are fraudsters and should be stopped. They take your money for nothing and cause alot of upset to people who can't afford the upfront fee. I wish my daughter had told me what she was doing,she is too trusting and I don't want to say I told you so.Please stop these companies they are parasites
m haneef  2009.04.29
they are useless and absolutely pathetic they take the money and then give you no customer service they. they will ask you to meet some lender and then you will have to go through the whole process again