Afibel online boutique, women’s clothing, menswear

Afibel online catalogue : ladies clothing, menswear, undergarments, shoes, a world of fashion that's comfortable, elegant and trendy (senior, plus sizes). Afibel also has a line for the home, health and well-being, accessories...
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Updated: 03 May 2011
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Bruna Perkis  2021.07.27
Do not get any replies to my emails. Also have still not received my free gift weekend case. Things are back to normal so does anyone actually work at Afibel. Have my retuned goods been received and where is my free gift
teresa goater 5 2018.10.5
i would like 2 say a big thankyou 2 kyile she has excellent customer service ive put a i hope ive put right one for excellent service
J Lingham 1 2018.05.3
rather than be held on the 'phone at overly expensive cost, I tried the website to contact, which will not accept a message as it does not recognise the postcode. What a useless organisation
Last year I purchased a black/silver blouse, I wore it for the first time last week, on a night out, I washed it following your instructions when I went to iron it I noticed that the sleeves were coming apart, my customer number is 2214 0305A the order number was 0331903746 this cost me £42.00 plus postage charge, I would like to send this back but have no labels to do so. Would you please oblige.
w turner 1 2017.02.7
Having been trying to get contact with afibel about return. Sent 8 emails absolutely no response. Great customer service I think not !! Disgraceful.
Mrs Wallis 2 2015.11.5
Have been relatively happy with what I have ordered but have found that I need to order much bigger than my actual size for anything like a good fit. I feel they are expensive for the quality of clothing they supply.
Christine Reid 1 2014.12.13
I just received my order for jumper and blouse, The quality of which is rubbish. I paid £52.I am unsure about returning them as this company seems dodgy and I might just be wating more money on return postage. What should I do
Wikma 1 2014.11.8
I was going to send an order by post, then decided to do it on line instead. Boy, was I ever glad that I did, and after seeing all the complaints re: quality, wrong sizes/colours sent, I definitely will NOT be ordering anything from this sompany. Thanks ladies, you saved me from making a bad mistake.
Tina-a  2014.11.6
What a complete and utter con this company are - free gifts - what free gifts?? All a 'sprat to catch a mackerel'
Tina-a 1 2014.11.6
What a complete and utter con this company are - free gifts - what free gifts?? All a 'sprat to catch a mackerel'
Christine Davies 1 2014.10.31
Their stuff is stuff absolute rubbish
GRACE DOWER 3 2014.09.7
Ann Update original post 1 2014.07.7
I read elsewhere that when you send in a complaint letter about an Account that you have not signed and are disputing to 'Get someone else to sign your name on the letter' because Companies like this have been known to Copy/Paste the Letter signature onto an Account Agreement. When I told the person that they were trading illegally by not showing an 01/02 or 03 Customer Service number by Fri 13 June he then said that they would be showing it on 'Orders' and that they had a number on Fri 13th June but phone line staff didn't know about it, what he didn't know and I was not telling that the number he was calling from was shown on my phone log. I paid the 'Account Service Charges' for now and closed the account but this is not the end, I will be sending a complete set of Documents to Carol Stevens Customer ha ha Service Department claiming back the £4.95 for the last 3 calls from Fri.13 June and the cost of the service charges added each month because there was no response from them on my 'Complaint' in spite of requesting a call from a Supervisor on every call on their 0871 number since 19th Dec. 2013. I will be sending a full set of the documents to Carol Stevens Customer Service Dept. to claim back £4.95 on calls since 13th June and all Account Service charges because no response from them about Complaint on 19th Dec 2013. Then taking them to Consumer Advice and Trading Standards.
Ann 1 2014.06.19
1. Offered Personal Account- not told there is Service charge every month, never signed for Account. Only Supervisor can close and Supervisor never phones to sort. 2. Item on Order 9th Dec 2013 wrong colour, Trousers ordered Lt. grey, pack labelled Lt. grey but trousers inside Beige, Item returned costing £2.60, Re-ordered Item and same fault and packing Again returned again another £2.60 postage, Asking since first wrong item for Geographic or 03 number call from Supervisor from initial problem. Phone calls to their only Cust.Service 0871 now in July totaling £9. From Fri.13th July Afibel is in Breach of Trading legislation by not providing a Customer Services Geographic or 03 number and YOU CAN CLAIM BACK YOUR EXTRA PHONE COSTS THAT ARE MORE THAN YOU WOULD PAY FOR A GEOGRAPHIC CALL ON YOUR CALL PLAN ON MOBILES AND LANDLINE. I WILL BE CALLING TRADING STANDARDS THROUGH THE CITIZENS ADVICE HELPLINE NUMBER 03454 04 05 06 Please everyone who visits this Web Page about ring the above number to take them to Trading Standards. The Grey Wool Skin prize offered has never arrived. Years ago (customer from 2008) did arrive. Afibel has changed owner a couple of years ago and new owners are just after money and not Service. CHECK YOUR EXPERIAN CREDIT PROFILE AFIBEL WILL CURSE IT FOR A COUPLE POUND ILLEGAL DEBT TO THEM.
jb 1 2014.04.8
thanks to all you "posters", was going to order a few items. not now though,you may have saved me some hassle.
Julia B.  2014.03.23
I did the same mistake couple of times thinking free gifts come straight away with the order, but then notice on each and every mailing terms and conditions are enclosed. Although in very tiny print - they always explain how each and every prize draw or free gift works. Once you read them, you'll understand that noone is going to give you money or a gift worth thousands if you spend couple of pounds on briefs. Works for me!
Mrs W Cross  2014.03.1
Not a happy bunny, very frustrated, trying to sort out errors on statement nobody takes responsibility, no-one ever phones you back. Spent a fortune on their premium number. What is wrong/right with customer services???
Regina Hedgecock 1 2014.02.21
been ripped off twice!! first was coat free when buying hat scarf n gloves plus order. now 100 set linen with order, now told only one customer to receive whoever spends the most. in post this week free television with ordr and jewlery. wot a rip of company stay away.
Maxine Carter  2014.01.26
Once again a bra I ordered is the wrong size. Size sent 40 should have been 42B This happened with an earlier order which was supposed be 42B but 42C was sent costing an extra £5. This was supposed to have been rectified and the £5 deducted and I was supposed to have been given a £5 voucher for my inconvenience. None of this materialised so I opted to keep the larger cup size. Is this going to be a regular mistake with my orders. Perhaps someone will see this and get it sorted.
sandra murphy  2014.01.10
according to this company i have been awarded many things of which none have been recieved i recived a phone call this morning but wasnt available so they told my husband that they would call back guess what still waiting i for one wont be ordering again and i do think that the oft should take a look at this company and their misleading trading
a george  2013.12.20
A basket of goodies was in reality a small bottle of wine , a pack of biscuits and bag of chocolates.WOW!!!!!!!!! Will never order from this company again.
P.Coppin 1 2013.12.13
Not at all happy with this company.Goods ordered not the right size sent to me, cannot they read the sizes sent for. Also their so called FREE GIFTS are a total con.Never going to order anything else from them. Have just sent back a Jumper and their free gift of a so called ( HAMPER a small bottle of wine a packet of biscuits and a small plastic bag with some chocolates in)a right con.Not at all like the photo sent, a Hamper with 40 odd items in a wicker basket.
Mrs.KIing 2 2013.12.6
*I made a substantial order some weeks ago but when the items finally although the quality was good tw2o of the main items were too big. I emaioled the firm and after three weeks finally received an answer but had already returned the items for an exchange. Disappointed at the enormous delay and have not paid anything yet as I pay all once happy withmy items. I am trying to pay for the items I have kept but this seems impossible to do! What is the problem with this company?
sjr  2013.11.4
Customer services promised to send things and respond to a complaints letter but never have. Cost a fortune in phone calls chasing. Customers Services Manager won't speak to customers, not her job. Don't buy from this company
Christine Anderson 1 2013.10.7
I have told AFIBEL I will not make an order until they have corrected my address but they have ignored my requests. I have asked them to take my name off their register but to no avail. When will they learn that I do not want to hear from them??!!
Mrs J Worthington  2013.06.9
I agree about the website being hard work. I am trying to create a new customer account and 7 times I have put my address in the correct order and its been rejected. I have lived at the property for 22 years so whats the problem? I have now decided it will be quicker to go into town and buy my goods. Its a pity really the cardigans I have seen from this Companies Advert were just what I wanted. One of the Directors needs to go on the web site and order some goods then they will know first hand what problems we are incurring.
Tayana  2013.05.10
Today I tried to open an account and found the website baffling. It tried to make out that my address was somehow incorrect and kept rejecting my email address every time I entered it. What's the point in making the system so dictatorial? My home address and my email address are well established with the likes of M&S and next. Goodbye to Abifel
Mrs.B.M.Paterson  2013.05.4
Oh dear I wish I had read previous comments before ordering a Raspberry Merino Cardi.Ths was ordered and cheque enclosed on23rd March .My cheque was banked on the 3rd. April and although I have been kept waiting for 24 Mi utes on the of the 'phone and have sent an E Mail this week.still no response . I now regret having ordered the item. I wanted it for my holiday but I have been back from that for 5days!!!!! .A prompt response from Afibel would be nice.
Mrs D.Hibbert 1 2013.02.13
Early last October 2012 I placed an order for a jacket and free gift of grey long length coat (as offered by Afibel) and some weeks later when offered grey long length coat free with order I placed an order for a skirt to match jacket. I have not received any of these goods as yet and it is now 13th Feb.2013 2013
Josephine R Jones  2013.01.22
Oh dear I was going to order some Merino wool tops that I had seen advertised, after reading these two reports I will have to think again......
Maureen Fowell  2013.01.19
On 10thDec. AFIBEL confirmed an order was out of stock.They did however "cash " the cheque!On 3rd.Jan.I phoned [again]&requested they cancel and return my cheque.They said head office in france would do that.Here we are 3 weeks later & NOTHING!!!When they do honour my request I will no longer be a customer!!!!
Mrs Marion Hankey  2012.12.20
I placed an order a couple of months ago as a booklet came through the post and I ordered a beige coat and also a grey coat, I paid for it in advance, eventually the grey coat arrived but I am still waiting for the beige coat. This morning I received yet another booklet from you and I am not prepared to do another order until I received the coat previously ordered and since I paid by cheque up front I am very disappointed that it still hasn't arrived. Please can be sent to me as it was going to be a present for my Mother for Christmas. Thank you. 7 De Redvers Road, Lower Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH14 8TS. Phone no 01202 387269. Thank you.